Split Scream


I have had recent discussions with various friends, some working in the visual arts and others who don’t, about the benefits and hazards of A.I. generated art. I then began experimenting with it myself. I decided to use it as a tool rather that a device to produced finished art. I began uploading my own photographs and illustrations into A.I. art generators, using various text prompts, and see what the machine came up with. The outcomes were interesting, but I found that only a few of them (in my opinion) could be used to push the work further in the directions that I wanted. The A.I. images severely lacked strong composition, and seemed to randomly (and badly) crop them. I took the A.I. interpretations of my own work, then imported them into a graphics package that I use, and continued to work on them. These are the results. I will upload more images, as I then began to splice and collage these images in with existing illustrations.



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